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Why get a Tricker Trailer? Because your weekend is riding on it!

At Tricker Trailers we want nothing more than to have happy customers.  What a better way to achieve this than by providing them with a boat trailer that will last a lifetime?  Our boat trailers provide the structural integrity that only a welded steel frame can offer.  In addtion we hot dip galvanize all of our trailers as a standard feature.  This provides superior protection from rust, resulting in a longer life for the trailer and fewer headaches for the customer.

We stand by our trailers providing parts, service and customer support.  We offer options such as a swing tongue, galvanized torsion axles, UHMW bunks and chine guides.  All of these options are designed with the customer in mind.  Loading and unloading a boat should not be a source of frustration and with a Tricker Trailer it's not!!

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